Sunday, August 31, 2014

Obama's Week of Weakness (Week 2)

This week really shows the animal for the Democrat party should be an ostrich with it's head in the sand.  I think this would be just as valid for their domestic policies, as they ignore the failures of those policies.  Legislation can bring heaven to Earth, in the eyes of the utopian leftist.

Monday) Several stories for 8/25/2014;

Story One) Spin doctoring Obama's lack of response to ISIS, and stating "if ISIS was a problem in Syria, Obama would take care of it."  Like he took care of Russia invading the Ukraine this week?

Story Two) And the obligatory; "Obama has spent less time off than his predecessors"

Bush still worked at ranch; However the media held no punches when criticizing him for taking vacations.

As has been stated by Mark Levin, Obama's schedule when NOT on vacation is a joke!  He doesn't wake up until after NINE!  The last week of August, he was purportedly not on Vacation and his schedule was completely empty.  NOTHING, for the whole week?

Invariably, my comment to lefists that always point to Bush taking more vacation, is the obvious;
"Two wrongs don't make a right".  Seriously, why do you use bad behavior to excuse more bad behavior?

Tuesday) 8/26/2014: Obama's indecisiveness is costing lives, however the Obama uncertainty principle is a working factor of his presidency.

Last September the MSM defended his indecision, saying it was working in Syria.  A year later would they still defend such an asinine assertion?

Would they dare say the same thing today?

Wednesday) 8/27/2014: This is perhaps the best article to come out of the mainstream news this week, dealing with his own indecisiveness, and Obama's inability to course correct from his mistake.

This isn't something that is exclusive to Obama, every Democrat today suffers from this hubris.  They won't course correct on their economic blunders, and they won't course correct on their international blunders.

Thursday) 8/28/2014: Absolutely no plan to deal with the greatest Islamic Terrorist threat since Al Qaeda?  The very same day the Obama administration stated to global audience that they have no plant, Russia invaded the Ukraine.

Friday) Two stories for 8/29/2014: I wasn't sure which one was more damning of this pathetic administration, So I'll comment on two;

Story One) Obama urges calm while his weak Presidency did nothing to stop the collapse of Ukraine to Russia.  He wonders why Israel rejected his "peace treaty"?  If Israel listened to Obama, there would be no more Israel.

Story Two) They don't have a plan to deal with ISIS. Why would our enemies fear us, when Obama couldn't lead himself out of well lit room?

Saturday) The feckless and weak administration is blaming perception on his failures.  It's not his fault the world is falling apart.  Social media is creating a false perception of failure. Lying about the news is low, but not surprising.

Classic narcissism, and leftism.  The inability to accept responsibility for your mistakes.  The problem is, announcing to the world, that we don't have a plan will cost MORE American lives.  I fear ISIS will strike America, and Obama still won't have a clue or a plan.
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