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I was born in the liberal utopia of Portland, Oregon to a Mormon family.  Through much strife and suffering in childhood, I made it to adulthood.  I lost faith in the Mormon faith, and drifted just as C.S. Lewis stated to any artificial faith.  Atheism, liberalism, Global Warming, Aliens, all attracted my attention more than God.

After a little more time and reflection, I realized that I was denying something deep inside me as an atheist.  I couldn't shake the feeling that I was lying to myself.  I read a great book, Beyond Mormonism.  It really helped me move on from my former faith.  For a little while I called myself Christian, but my brain is one of reason.  I couldn't help but see similarities between Joseph Smith, and the Apostle Paul.

Paul, for all intents and purposes in my mind, is a false prophet.  Yet, the entire Christian faith is built upon his words.  Some of those words have great wisdom.  Some of them, have absolutely nothing to do with what is recorded amongst either Canonical text or Apocryphal text of what Jesus Christ actually said and did.  How is it that a man that purportedly lived at the same time as Christ, spoke of him in more legendary terms, and didn't have access to the gospels?  There are some decent theories, like Jesus actually existing 100 years before the Gospels were written.  I don't know if I believe that or not.  Frankly, I don't know if I think Jesus was a real person or not.  All of the evidence that the Christians point to is fabricated.

So where does that leave my current faith?  Confused.

I'm spiritual, deeply so.  I believe in God with every fiber of my being.  I also believe that Moses saw God on the mount.  The proof for the Ark and the Red Sea crossing exist, to this day.  Does that make me Jewish?  Perhaps more so than Christian.  The Jewish Bible is an amazing book, 3000 years later it still is a great purveyor of universal truths regarding mankind.

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