Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Social Justice Part III

First read my prior works in this series - Social Justice Part I, and Social Justice Part II.

In my two prior pieces on social justice, I discussed how such ideas are antithetical to Judeo-Christian values.  In this piece I'm going to talk about the results of those good intentions.  Repeated failures that are continually ignored by the Utopian left as they shove their fantasy down our throats.

Interestingly, when society ignores the bible's values on private property rights, and admonitions against theft, (taxation is theft) the society begins to crumble.  America has recent experience with such failures.  The Plymouth colony, that William Bradford founded started with _no_ private property rights.  It was all communal.  He like modern day social justice, anti property rights Christians, misunderstood the Bible and Christ.  Ask yourself an obvious question, if God wanted us to live with no property rights, shouldn't natural law support such behavior?  If God wanted us to have communal property and to be interchangeable bricks in the wall, wouldn't such behavior succeed in reality?

When societies reject Private Property over the "common good", the result is abundance of misery and despair.  Is that what God wants?  for everyone in society to suffer?  If Bradford's experiment in rejecting Private Property was alone, it'd be easy to say, "We just need the right person to lead our centrally planned society!".  Who is that right person?  Why are you so quick to abandon the personal sovereignty that God granted you?  The uneducated masses always forget history, and are always rife to repeat it.

These people are waiting in line for toilet paper! Go Socialism!
Venezuela has decided to chase after Utopia.  They've abandoned property rights- now they can't get
enough toilet paper to clean up the mess they've created.  They've abandoned individual sovereignty - as a direct result crime towards other men and women is on the rise.  All of this makes sense, from a biblical world view.  When you reject the moral value of private property, people also abandond common decency toward others.  The civil society breaks down, as it's replaced with stealing and looting and raping others.

That's always the end result of Social Justice.  The natural world and natural law backs up God's words in the bible. He didn't want you to be envious of the rich, to have Government steal their wealth.  It's amazing to me, even the Pope buys into this marxist agitprop. Christ, clearly states; "There will always be poor people.".  Do you believe the bible is the word of God or not, you social justice espousing Jews and Christians?  Even for those that don't believe in the bible, natural law shows that their theories of humanity don't work.  They lead to misery and poverty.  Capitalism, especially the maligned "unbridled" capitalism, lead to great advancements in human interaction with one another.

There's nothing greater than the voluntary interaction between two people in capitalism.  Between the baker and the customer.  Between the fry cook and his or her customer.  Voluntary interactions bring together people that probably ordinarily hate one another.  That's the system the left wants to destroy?
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