Wednesday, August 20, 2014

3 ways the Ferguson riots could've turned out differently.

Let's play a what if game.

1) What if the store owner that Michael Brown assaulted and robbed, was armed?

Answer) What if that store owner exercised his legal right of lethal self defense or his life and property?  A minority store owner, kills a minority robbing his store?  It wouldn't even hit the front page news.  Unfortunately, he got away with robbery, and was confronted by a white police officer.  It's a shame, that it wasn't one of the black police officers, because chances are, it would have ended the same for the thug Michael Brown.

2) What if the police officer that stopped Michael Brown was black instead of white?  Would there still be so much fomented faux outrage?

Answer) Would Michael Brown have assaulted a black officer?  I think he would've, he assaulted the minority store owner. The police officer, is assaulted in his car, Michael (or his cohort) slam the door on the officer, the officer gets out of his car, and demands the perp freeze.  Instead of LISTENING, to the officer, Michael turns around and charges the officer.

3) What if Michael had listened to the officer and NOT turned around?

Answer) He would have been arrested, instead the officer had to turn on his instinctual training and unloads his clip into the charging perp.  The damage to his eye socket, proves his life was in danger.

The Saul Alinsky agitators, foment the faux outrage, and then get these black people to destroy their own community, FORCING the state to deploy force.

They then get the Alinksy meme's going that draw in the libertarians, like this picture here.  The force IS REQUIRED now, to keep the civil society in order.

What do you think would happen, if the state left a vacuum of power?

The city of Ferguson would be burned down and destroyed, and the cancerous anarchy would spread to other areas.  This is where I part ways with libertarians and anarchists.  Anarchy always leads to violence.
Might makes right.
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