Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Has The Libertarian Movement Finally Arrived?

Has the libertarian movement finally arrived?

I'm going to buck the trend and say no, young people frustrated with Obama will still vote for Hillary.

Let's break the libertarian "movement" down.

How I view people who call themselves libertarian;

1) There are the Marxist Libertarians like Noam Chomsky.  These few elitists believe they can change human nature and eliminate capitalism.  This group is completely ideological and will still vote for Hillary in 2016.

2) Neutral Libertarians, usually atheists like Adam Carola or Penn Gillete.  They are of the strain I call, "Anarcho-Libertarians", they believe the state has no use, and in some ways are just as ideologically utopian as the far left.  It's quite easy to debunk, interestingly a lot like the first group, they believe human nature can be changed, or they don't understand human nature.

3) Randian Libertarians. (don't really know what else to call this group).  These are like Rand Paul, who still believe Government is necessary, but want to greatly reduce the role of Government in our lives.  They are less idealistic, and far more realistic.  They don't call themselves "Randian", there isn't really a name for this group.

It's the variations in the philosophy, that have caused me to call myself am constitutional conservative.  Open borders would lead to a disaster.  Effectively, we can see that today with the lawless President.  We have open borders today and millions of people are streaming across the border.  Do they love the country?  Some of them are most likely Islamic extremists.  Do they have diseases?  Even before we had massive welfare that made more open borders possible, Ellis Island made sure immigrants could support themselves and were disease free.  A country can't survive with porous borders and welfare.  That's an absolute recipe for disaster.

Polls on the subject show that most libertarians don't even agree on what the philosophy means.  Some of the points that back up my statements here;

1) 41% of self described libertarians are against the free market. (believe Government regulation is necessary) These will always support Democrats.
2) 46% believe Corporate profit should be limited.  Again, these will support Democrats.
3) 38% believe the myth that welfare helps the poor.  The lowest percentage of these stats in this group, shows that not every Libertarian believes in limited Government and free market values.

Finally, unlike the article in Reason and the NY Times, I don't think type 1 or even most of type 2 libertarians are going to abandon Hillary Clinton in 2016.  They'll be right back in the voting booth for the "progressive" cause, that they've been indoctrinated into accepting.

Would you be interested in a blog post on how I view human nature?


I'll also end with this, I think it's crucial people know where their beliefs land them.  This is the best Political test I've found, and would suggest everyone take it.
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