Saturday, August 31, 2013

Syria dilemma

Once again the body politic marches to war in the middle east. Unlike Bush though, Obama can't get international support to help the Al Qaeda rebels, fighting Hezbollah.

Its important to note that these al Qaeda rebels are just as savage as Hezbollah. The murdered Syrian soldiers get their chests cut open, and organs eaten, to demonstrate Allah's will.

Is that really who we want to side with? It's bad enough that would be helping al Qaeda, its even worse that their savagery is plain to see, (even Putin talked about it) yet we are still siding with Al Qaeda!

That's like getting involved in a war between the fascists and national socialists. As long as they aren't attacking our allies, why should we get involved?

If we did get involved it should be on the side of our ally (Turkey or Israel) not on the side of Hezbollah or Al Qaeda.

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