Monday, August 26, 2013

The truth shall set you free

We've all heard the old adage, "the truth shall set you free." but few of us really examine the phrase with anything more than a passing glance.

1) What is the truth? The truth is painful, downright ugly. Our society with its political correctness, debt dependent culture evades the truth like a viper. We don't want the truth as it will shatter the fantasy of no responsibility.

2) What is freedom? Freedom isn't free, right? That's another cliche I'll blog about on another day. The bottom line is, we cannot be free while ignoring the truth.
Are you furtively glancing past the truth in your own life? Could be anything, from a spouse that's not paying as much attention to a kid that's changed their behavior. Could be your financially underwater, every month and pretending your making do.

What about in the larger scale? Do you ignore the Marxist indoctrination you're kids get in public schools?
Is your city taking away property rights in name of the collective? Are you really okay with that?
Let the brick of truth trip you and wake you up from your dream world. Everything is not okay, in your family, in your city, in your state and in your country. As long as people run from the truth, they are also giving up liberty in the name of security.

The soviets felt really free with all of their "free" security.
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