Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Government is not the solution

I have to wonder if people who advocate solutions from Government to lives problems, have ever been to the DMV.  You go there and pull a ticket, and then sit down for four hours, and watch as one to two people try to serve a room of forty.

It looks like there's at least seven to eight people working, but they only let one to two work the counters at a time.  As soon as a new person goes out to the counter, one of them heads to the back.

This isn't an exception of Government in action, this is the rule.  When FDR tried to help feed the people, and give the farmers more money, he simultaneously made it impossible for the poor to buy food, and created massive shortages of food.  The result should have been obvious.  People standing in line waiting for bread!

When Nixon tried to control the rising cost of gas, (caused by government spending, deflating the value of the dollar!) he created gas lines that went around the block.  Setting a price cap, created supply shortages and made demand higher than supply.

It stands to reason by this point, any rational person would see that Government involvement causes long lines.  Is that enough to stop the masterminds from trying to make our lives better?


There are Progressives in America trying to get our healthcare system to be managed by the same people that can't figure out how to avoid long lines at gas stations, or long lines for bread.

The average wait time for Health care in the UK is OVER SIX MONTHS!!

Why in the hell would we want to model that?  The British love to stand in queue, we *don't*.  I don't want the Government involved in my family's health care decisions.  I don't want my wait time to see the Doctor to increase by 61% to over six months!  That means it was close to three months the year before btw...

Still not convinced?

The minimum wage is also a price control.  It also has created long lines.

How is minimum wage a price control, you ask?

Simple, labor is a fungible commodity like any other.  If the Government set a minimum price on milk (which ironically they do, and there is too much produced) there would be too much produced because they have a *minimum price*.

Similarly with labor, government has set a price floor.  The current price of labor is above market demand.  Hence, unemployment increases followed the minimum wage increases.  The end result is we have an abundance of labor available, with no demand at the set price.

Lines of people waiting for jobs, and because of Government, masses of people thinking they are entitled to a job.

Remember in the words of Reagan;
"Government is not the solution to our problem, Government IS the problem!"
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