Tuesday, August 27, 2013

How to make money and become financially dependent.

This tweet got me thinking about money today, and why so many on the right and left view money as evil, or even like Government a necessary evil.

I'm here to shatter your conceptions and misconceptions to make you think.

1) Money is neither evil or good, it's inanimate like a handgun.  Similar to the handgun, it can be used for either purpose.

2) Worship of money above all else, is idolatry.  Ancient Jewish wisdom teaches us to not worship money, but to serve others FOR money.  There is nothing more noble, than receiving money voluntarily from someone else, who appreciated the goods or service you provided.  I believe the Randian view of Capitalism is closer to worship of mammon, and is something I would highly discourage.  If your goal is to just make money, than you will not put the customer first.  If your goal is to just make money, your inhibitions will get the best of you.

3) There are two states of mind.  Spending and making.  If you are in a spending state of mind, than you will not want to save anything you make, or go that extra mile to serve others for more money.  If you are in a making state of mind, you will want your money working for you, and you will want to be working for money.

4) Charity should not be expected.  While it is noble to help others, it's far more important to try and teach people on welfare how to work for themselves, and catch their own fish.  So many welfare recipients have an entitlement mentality and are permanently on the Government dole.

The worst part of this mentality, is they believe they deserve someone else's labor.  If you want to help someone, do it through micro loans.

5) The money in your bank account is your life force.  You expend your time (your life energy) to get paid by your customer.  Your customer could be your employer, or it could be someone buying a good or service from you.  In exchange for you expending your life force they give you money, likewise when you purchase property (from a TV to a car, to a toaster oven), you are spending your life energy.  This is why Jewish law was okay with using lethal force to stop theft.  People who steal property and money, are literally stealing people's life force.

6) All taxation is by force, and is another theft of your life force.  This is why the founders wanted taxes applied equally, so that the democracy, couldn't pile on the wealthy.  The Jewish slaves of the Pharaoh were only forced to hand over 20% of their life force.  We currently force 5% of the people to hand over anywhere from 40 to 60% of their life force to the Federal and State Government.  That is EXTREMELY immoral.

The fact that we punitively tax wealth creation is why the economy is stagnating and why more people are not escaping poverty.  We should eliminate the progressive income tax, and hold up the wealthy as a model to follow.  We should all aspire to work that hard, and become self dependent.
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