Sunday, October 6, 2013

Arguing with idiots and Dystopian dreamers

Over this past weekend, I've ran across some interesting opinions on the left.  consider this document as a primer on how to reply to these comments.
It's the job of government to rule over us.
That's why our founders fought against tyranny, so they could set up another tyranny.
The false outrage over the memorial shutdown is ridiculous.
Really? Of the seventeen previous shutdowns since 1976, spread across four presidents the open air parks have never been shutdown.
Government health care is a right!
Really, it's in the constitution?
Yes, it says we have a right to life.
You're forgetting a word there. Pursue.
The constitution says that Congress has to provide for the general welfare.
No. The constitution states congress must promote the general welfare. If they did provide for the welfare of some people it would be selective as they have to destroy some people's welfare for selective people.  it's also worth noting the term "welfare" like "liberal" had a different meaning. Congress' job was to make sure there was a healthy society for business.  as Calvin Coolidge correctly pointed out, the business of America is business.
The supreme court decided the law and upheld it's constitutionality.
And? Go and read article 3 of the constitution. You don't have a pocket constitution and you call yourself a patriot? They aren't the supreme kings. Certainly the founders would never want them to have such legislative authority.
The last election was a mandate for obamacare!
I didn't realize we were in Cuba and that elections were mandates. Opposingly though, one could say the house retained their seats with a mandate to repeal obamacare.
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