Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Dark Conservative Knight

I just watched the Dark Knight today, (I know what took so long?) and I have to say it is an absolutely fantastic movie.

BUT, I approached it from the perspective of absolutism and conservatism.  From these angles the movie is absolutely an allegory for the war on terror.  The joker is the ultimate terrorist.  The only thing lacking from his perspective is bowing to Allah five times a day.  Batman is the ultimate conservative, there are times that he must do whatever is necessary to stop evil.  Including torture, and spying.  But at the same time, Batman goes to degrees that make Bush look moderate in comparison,  consider the following.

Think about this,  Bush has "tortured" only one terrorist, and compared to what Batman did it couldn't even be considered torture.  (I don't think waterboarding is torture)

Bush only spies on people communicating with KNOWN terrorists.  Batman was spying on EVERYONE in the city.  Yet we know from the movie, had Batman not spied on them he wouldn't have found the Joker.  And the Joker WOULD HAVE killed everyone on board the ship in cold blood.

You see that's one of the other things that absolutely struck me..  This movie presents the evil within human nature in a way that I've never seen in a movie before.  And a fact of human nature and the world we live in is that some beliefs perpetuate hatred and evil.

The striking fact that the Joker's videos paralleled Al Qaeda's in shock factor and style was probably completely intentional by the director to drive home the callousness of this evil.  Think about what the Joker did to that batman dress up, compared to what Al Qaeda did to the poor souls they captured.  The Joker looks like a saint in comparison.  Yet, he truly is the closest thing Hollywood has given us since 2001 addressing the evil with the souls of some of us.
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