Friday, September 5, 2008

Obama lies and the press plays cover for free

I can honestly not believe just how biased the press is being this cycle. They are taking statement from the Obama campaign without a shred of questioning, but when it comes to the McCain campaign, they take it through the shredder, then throw it in the fireplace, than take the ashes and put them down the garbage disposal.

Here's the latest example from an AP story today:

"You're hearing an awfully lot about me - most of which is not true - but you're not hearing a lot about you," Obama said. "You haven't heard a word about how we're going to deal with any aspect of the economy that is affecting you and your pocketbook day-to-day. Haven't heard a word about it. I'm not exaggerating. Literally, two nights, they have not said a word about it."

This is completely BS. EVERY speaker addressed the need to drill for more oil, have more nuclear and clean coal, and strive towards energy independence this is an issue that has directly affected American pocketbooks.

Both McCain and Palin, stressed the need to make government smaller, and to lower taxes. Look at the years prior to the Bush tax cut and how much people were paying to the government... that's been dramatically reduced already! Obama wants to repeal that though.

And they don't want to drill, explore nuclear options OR Clean coal.

Here's AP's response though:

The Illinois senator told voters that the GOP convention speakers are spending all their time talking about politics, not about issues that matter to voters. He criticized the Republicans for not addressing the economic distress or housing foreclosures that have grown during the Bush administration.

Complete BS. They addressed the main components of economic distress. Energy and tax burden.

The foreclosures are no more Bush's fault than the tech boom bubble bust was Clinton's fault.

"The notion that many questions about her work in Alaska is somehow not relevant to her potentially being vice president of the United States doesn't make too much sense to me," Obama said.

Her work in Alaska is completely relevant. HER FAMILY affairs however are not. She was a Mayor, you were a corrupt community organizer that gave the power to vote democrat to dead people. of course, maybe you actually do see dead people, like you stated in your speech on memorial day.

"I assume she wants to be treated the same way guys are treated, which means their records are under scrutiny. I've been through this for 19 months. She's been through this for, what, four days so far?""

You've been under scrutiny? ARE YOU SERIOUS? You would've never been selected as the top ticket if you were subject to the same scrutinous microscope they've placed Sarah Palin under.

It's just more of the same from the Obama campaign. Slander, lie and copy McCain's positions on foriegn policy.
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