Friday, August 8, 2008

Sustainable Development

You know a phrase I'm coming to hate?  (besides all the "green crap")

"Sustainable Development".

What does that even mean?  I'll tell you.  What's sustainable:

1) No population growth, and in fact the population should be decreased massively.  (the poorer the better in the progressive mind)

2) No transporting of ANY goods,  and if you can't grow it or create it locally, you should NOT have it.  See that wonderful computer you are reading this post on?  it's not sustainable moron.

3) No vacations in your car or airplanes.  I've heard some greens suggest all Airplane travel should be heretofore cancelled as it generates "too large of a carbon footprint".  From here on out you can only ride the bus to where you want to go, or take the train.  They are the ONLY "sustainable" forms of transportation.  (but only for people not for GOODS.)

4) You can't live further than 10 miles from work (which would exponentially raise the cost of homes around work places) because your car got repo'd by the "benevolent" government.  That's if you are even able to keep your current job, it may not be "sustainable" either.

5) You can no longer watch TV as long,  run your lights as long or do other things us modern people take for advantage.  They use too much power and are not sustainable.

Most annoying of all?

Being told about sustainability on a billion dollar broadcast of the opening ceremony of the 2008 olympics game from the highest polluting nation on the planet.

That's a carbon hypocritical footprint that is absolutely priceless.
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