Thursday, August 7, 2008

Socialism and what the new parties represent

I thought considering my last post on the local Governor race it might be relevant to explain my views on the "two party" system that we've come to inherit in the states.

What can be said about this party that has been demonized by the GOP?  (Some of it deserved). 

Let's start our with the misrepresentation of the name of the party.  It is the DEMOCRAT party, NOT the DEMOCRATIC party.

Let's start with the history of the party and work our way forward to where the party is now, and where it is headed with the current leadership.

The origins:
The Democrat-Republican party (the original name before the issue of slavery split the party), were believers in classic liberalism.  The difference between classic liberalism and modern social liberalism could cover a 10 volume set.  Suffice to sum it up, the key difference comes down to the role of government in an individuals life.  The Classic liberal believes in absolute free will,  and self responsibility.  The Modern liberal has adopted Karl Marx as it's father, and believes that ONLY the government can help pull someone up by their bootstraps.

The facts:
The party that has classicly been on the side of opression and slavery, is now the party doling out the exact same thing through so called public welfare programs.  Welfare is a feel good program (marxist in origin) that enslaves someone to the government.  Whereas a productive member of society works and produces something to support themselves, the government pays large groups of people to sit on their fat asses and do nothing.  The democrats have enslaved people into poverty.

Fascist roots:
In order to make many of these feel good policies work (welfare, multiculturalism) they have to do so by displacing the rights and freedoms of other groups.  Does it feel good to kick the rich?  What if it was your boss being kicked by the man to support the poor unworking masses and in order to stay in business he's forced to make cuts?  It's happened in the past and it will happen in the future if Obama and his ilk have their ways with the ridiculous tax increases will not only punish the rich, it will punish working class americans who are fired due to cut backs in business, so that those businesses can STAY in Business!

Look at the way Pelosi expects her members to run lockstep with her views,  unless they are up for re-election in a district where offshore drilling is wanted... Look at what the Dems did to J. Lieberman who supported the Iraq war.  They ousted him, and he was forced to become an independent!

The Democrat party has consistently been moving more to the left and towards fascist/marxist idealogies.  They no longer believe in American exceptionalism, and it will not be long before "reagan" democrats realize this and leave the party.  (like Joe Lieberman).

I think this meltdown will happen in 2008 at the Denver convention. 
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