Sunday, August 3, 2008

Washington's 10 candidates for Governor

Here's my opinion of the 10 candidates running for Governor in Washington state:
(listed per news tribune order.)

1) John Aiken
Party: Republican (is he serious?)

John is another RiNO that wants the government to take over energy systems (we need more privatization in this sector, competition will bring the price down for people) and invest BILLIONS in public housing (something that will garner NO RETURN)

The wierdest request of all? Placing Casino's at rest stops. WTF?

My opinion? This guy doesn't know what it means to be a small government republican.

2) Duff Badgley
Party: Green

Duff is a fascist who wants you (if you own a single occupancy vehicle in an urban area) to turn your vehicle over to the government. (he wants to outlaw them!)

He then wants to FORCE Boeing to manufacture clean energy projects (?) doesn't Boeing make planes not energy?

Then after doing all those wonderfully fascist things he will "assess" steep "carbon" taxes on corporations and individuals.

So end result:

Higher cost of living.

Fewer businesses located in Washington state, and Boeing leaving the state. Congratulations fascist you stopped global warming by moving people out of the state.

3) Will Baker
Party: Reform

Will simply wants to raise light on Gov. Chris Gregoire's illegal election practices. I agree with his cause, but he needs to go about it in a different way.

4) Chris Gregoire
Party: Democrat

She claims to want to "create jobs", but being a democrat that won't mean enticing businesses to come here, it will mean making the government even larger to "create" new jobs.
Health care doesn't need to be expanded it needs to be retracted (especially for citizens that are here illegally.) And the environment doesn't need even further regulations for protection.

Not to mention that if she doesn't CUT government, and INCREASE taxes massively, we'll have a 2.7 BILLION dollar deficit next year under her do-nothing leadership.

5) Christian Joubert
Party: Democrat

Christian is another fascist who wants to force what he thinks is a "healthy" way to live holistic lifestyles....

His first order of Business? Listen to the Marxist WHO, and FORCE every Washingtonian to undergo a test of "healthiness"

He also agrees with the idiot Obama that the minimum wage should be indexed with inflation. Two problems with this:

i) Indexing the two together will actually INCREASE the speed at which inflation increases. Increased dollars in the work force causes DECREASED value of goods.

ii) Unless they index inflation to the tax system (thereby not increasing your tax burden as your income increases) it'll only cause people to have LESS money not more.

6) Javier Lopez
Party: Republican

Like his statement on "confonting the fascist government", but his website is not loading thusly I cannot comment on any of his other positions.

7) Dino Rossi
Party: Republican

The obvious good ones, cutting spending, ending early release on prison inmates, improving monitoring of convicted sex offenders. The ones from his website is a laid out transportation project that includes ALL the funding to complete the projects. Where Gregoire wants to start charing a "Congestion" fee on 520 now, upwards of 7.00 per crossing, Rossi doesn't want to toll until the bridge is complete. And it will be a flat $1.50. Where Gregoire thinks Washingtonians drive to annoy politicians and with Nickels is acting to punish them, Rossi understands that we use our vehicles not merely for recreation but also for income and job creation.

8) Mohammad Said
Party: None listed

Apparently his slate of international concerns are more important than the slate of local state issues. This is a bit silly, as he's running for a local office and not a national office.

His viewpoints on Israel are also extremely anti-semtic and outright false. For example:

Said: "Our unfaltering support of Israel is the true instigator."
Me: Incorrect. The existence of the state of Israel is what has caused the continued attacks upon the state of Israel. Mahmoud wants to run all the jews into the Sea, does he think we should sit by and watch the next Hitler commit genocide?

Said: "The creation of a One State Solution"
Me: This is insane. Do you really think this is in the best interest of the jews in Israel who are surrounded by people who hate them?

Said: "will eliminate our problems with the Middle East."
Me: This is crazy as well. They will still hate us and the rest of the west because we don't follow Allah's will, and because we have freedom of will.

A question for Said and the rest of the people with this ridiculous stance.

*Do you think the muslim violence against non-muslims in Thailand is caused by the state of Israel, and the west's support of them?

*Do you think that Muslims killing christians in Nigeria is caused by the west's support of Israel?

*Do you think that Muslims killing tribal Africans in Sudan (not just Darfur, all of Sudan) is caused by the west's support of Israel?

*Do you think that the creation of Pakistan was necessary? Ghandi wanted the muslims, christians and hindu to all live under one state. The Muslims HATED this idea, until finally one of them shot Ghandi. The creation of Pakistan followed with christians near the border of the two countries, STILL HARRASSED to this day.

It is my belief that moderate Muslims can exist in the western world. Said doesn't believe this and suggests his readers tune into Al Jazeera for an "unbiased" view of world events. Al Jazeera is the network Bin Laden uses to spread his message to the world! Does Said think that we were attacked on 9/11 because of our support of Israel? Just pull back and they'll leave us alone?

Germany was the absolute state of capitulation to the extreme muslims, and has been the target of SEVERAL attempted attacks.

But this is the most ridiculous statement of all:

Said:"emphasizing that a state that is only consisting of Jews contradicts our Constitution."

ME: Firstly let me address the constitutional aspect of his statement. OUR CONSTITUTION is for the USA only. If we were to take to task every country that violates the constitution why don't we start with Egypt where they imprison former Muslims who convert to Christianity? Why not then take a stroll over to Saudi Arabia where they don't allow Christians to openly possess a bible, and don't even allow Christians to enter the Mecca area where Muslims worship the black rock. Or how about Lebanon, where the Lebanese Christians were killed as the thugs funded by Iran attacked Israel and took over the only other free country in the middle east.

Yes the only other.

before the Lebanese war in the 70's Lebanon ALONG WITH Israel were the only two countries in the middle east that allowed all religions to practice and worship openly and freely.

Muslims worship openly on the jews temple mount every day of the week... EVEN WHEN they throw stones at the Jews worshipping at the wailing wall. The Jews of Israel FULLY FUNDED a program to help the Palestinians. They built greenhouses for them to grow food. Do you know what the Palestinians did with those?

Converted them into weapons and drugs tunnels to transport materials from Egypt.

As for the "Palestinian" people? Complete and total misnomer. They are people that have CHOSEN to live there to help end Israel. Israel has offered them refuge, and the only condition is that they don't commit violence against people in Israel.

9) Christopher Tudor

I like his idea of banning lobbyists, but it's unclear what any of his other positions are even from his website.

10) James White
Party: None Listed

Wants to increase the size of government via providing greater public health care. (so our system can suck as much as other socialist countries?)

From his website he wants to increase renewable energy money (shouldn't the private sector be doing that?) My guess is this won't involve more hydro power which is the most efficient and best bang for buck system. Instead it will probably be ugly windmills that don't provide power all the time, or solar panels which would have to cover all of Eastern Washington to provide power for the state, but then we'd need something to provide power at night or when it did cloud over Eastern Washington which doubles the size and cost of infrastructure to have basically a redundant system to provide power when Solar can't.
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