Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Destructive Tendencies of Liberal Policies

If there's one common thread among liberal policy it's that they care more about the poor and downtrodden. Do the results of their actions bear that idiom out?

Government has two tools in it's tool belt, and every policy falls under one of these two tools.

1) Taxation. All taxation is theft, and forces the citizen to hand over a portion of their property to the government in exchange for doing something. The federal government has a punitive income tax. The harder you work, the less you earn. I've talked with many blue collar workers that refuse to work too much overtime as it effectively doubles their tax burden at a certain point. Does that "help" the poor? If someone wants to get out of poverty the best way to do it, is to work more, and to work harder. The Progressive Income tax short circuits this feedback loop.

Talk to any liberals about the "sin tax", on Alcohol, Tobacco or Firearms. Why did Seattle raise taxes on ammo sales within the city? They proclaimed it was to raise money for victims of firearms. They also admitted that it would reduce the sales of ammo within the city. This dual goal of taxation is pretzel logic. What happens when that taxation doesn't amount to what they forecast? They pay for more tax enforcement. Taxation IS FORCE. If you find a loophole, legal or not, the state DEMANDS their money. If you're voting for more state run programs, you're voting for the Government's ability to kill people who evade taxation. Yes, I am saying taxation killed Eric Garner.

2) Spending. No matter how often their programs fail, and how spectacularly, the utopian statist always proclaims it's because they didn't spend ENOUGH of someone else's money. (of course they don't say it EXACTLY like that. They will never admit their works are done off of someone else's labor.) There are many reasons for this. Some have been discussed by the great Milton Friedman. When Donahue asked him about greedy capitalists, needing to be checked by Government, Milton brilliantly replied that there "are no angels in Government." The reason I believe Government programs, will ALWAYS fail is morality. What do I mean?

Every liberal spending program starts from the heart. They see homeless in the street and decide, "We
should do something about that." Thusly a government program is born to help the poor, which takes more money from those working in the city. Their program will inevitably fail, and will cause an increase in crime and property damage. Why? It's immoral to steal. It's written in the bible, in the ten commandments. Every Government spending program starts with theft. It's immoral to covet. How do they know these people are worse off? They make covetous value judgments between the rich and the poor. The same fallacious arguments have been used to raise the minimum wage. The end result of that force is fewer lower skilled people in the work force. That vacuum created the need for illegal workers that are willing to take the work that American's won't do because they can get free food and shelter from the government.

The liberal answer of course was that they didn't go far enough. They have to reform their programs, and increase taxation and spending! So they do. The end result is visible in several places around the country. Detroit didn't happen overnight. It was a steady trickle of liberalism, from unions in the work force that displaced workers for their own power. It was a steady trickle of taxation and spending to deal with failure after failure of liberal programs.

Today many metropolitan cities are headed for destruction. Seattle for example. The fine liberal mayor, Ed Murray has decided that we should ignore crime done by the homeless. They set up and illegally park RV's in your neighborhood, then you call the police when you see illegal drug trade going on and after the fourth time of calling them and having the police hang up on you, you confront the miscreants yourself.

They bash your skull in, cause brain hemorrhaging and the hospital tells you that you can't even blow your nose anymore.

THAT is what liberalism will ALWAYS do to a society. When I hear conservatives tell me that we have to compromise with THAT? It causes enormous anger inside of me. But, I don't let that anger control my reasoning portion of my decision center and get behind Donald Trump.

It's EMOTIONAL decision making that drives liberalism. The answer to that, and the anger, (which I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND!) is not to make a decision from an emotional center. We can do SO MUCH better than Donald Trump with Ted Cruz.

If we are to reverse the decades of liberalism and Republican compromise, we have to be aggressive with our pruning. We have over 130 Trillion in unfunded liabilities. There is no liberal compromise that will reduce our debt and deficit. There is no liberal compromise that will massively reduce our taxation and spending programs.

The age of compromise has to be over. That doesn't mean we let our emotions control us. We must present evidence as to why our ideas work and their ideas fail.