Monday, September 14, 2009

More proof that liberalism is a mental disorder

UPDATE: Decided to filter the language from the liberal

The following is from a dangerously brain dead liberal on youtube, who believes 9/11 is a conspiracy theory.

Government fooled IDIOT
First of all muther f***er im AMERICAN!, don't tell me what to believe and not to believe, im a TRUTHER, its not a f***ing conspiracy its the TRUTH. idiots like you are fooled and brain washed by the government*, its so funny because the GOV. can come kill you and your family** and you would think it was a terriost attack on the U.S. your the MORAN who dose not think out side the f***in box. LEARN TO GROW SOME FREAKIN HAIR ON YOUR BALL SACK.
So far be it for my better interest I sent a reply back to this brain dead liberal:
e: Government fooled IDIOT
Re: Government fooled IDIOT

First tell me what a MORAN is.

Are you talking about one of the many cities? Or are you talking about the Female Quidditch player in Harry Potter?

And way to go in answering my question btw.

1) You are an American who believes in a vast conspiracy (that would've had to have had thousands of players) where none of them spilled their beans on the issue.

2) Believing this absolutely evil act was committed by your own government you felt compelled to stay within this government? Didn't you fear for your life? Being a "Truther" and all, most likely the "Evil" government would come for you next to silence the truth.

Hell that's what happened in REAL evil despot countries! When Hitler was spreading propaganda, do you think he tolerated those who tried to tell the truth about what was going on? HELL NO. He locked them up with the Jews.

Do you think Stalin or Moussolini tolerated the truth? HELL NO.

What about Mao?

What do you think? Most of them TO THIS DAY, that try to speak out against China are sent to Labor camps in northern China where most of them DIE.

So again.


And how is a Government that can't even handle Cash for Clunkers going to keep secret a massive cover up on the scale that you are talking about? IN every other way our government is inept at keeping secrets. Could Bush keep his interrogation techniques secret?

NOPE. They were leaked to the NYT the next day.

Could Bush keep his wire tapping of terrorists Secret?

NOPE. The plans were leaked to the NYT the next day.

So again.


Typical liberal. Use ad hominem and personal attack threats instead of dealing with the intellectual problems with your deluded theory.

Can't you accept that it was just a bunch of pissed off muslims? Do you believe the UK caused the tube bombing?

That Spain caused the train bombing?

Why can't you believe the crazy jihadist muslims are willing to kill everyone on Earth until we all worship Allah five times a day?

HELL if you did some HONEST OPEN MINDED searching on you tube, you just have to listen to THEIR OWN WORDS, to understand that they HATE YOU, and WILL KILL YOU for not believing in Allah.

Grow a pair indeed.

Why don't you learn to have an honest conversation and have a little self examination instead of just believing some crackpot in his basement.

In case you haven't put two and two together, If Bush was TRULY as evil as you are making the case for (which I don't believe you do), WHY are you still here if you think your government is capable of such an atrocity? Why don't you move to Canada?) ....

The idiot who made this theory WOULD BE DEAD. Why would someone evil enough to kill 2997 people for his "war" stop at killing people there?

No despot in HISTORY has ever done that. Clearly that's a fatal flaw though.



If you aren't going to open your mind and do an honest intellectual attic cleaning the conversation ends here.

"What makes Allah happy? Allah is happy when the infidel is killed."

Any positively open minded person would've read this post and absorbed and stated;
"You are right.","Why haven't there been leaks?"
"You are right.","Someone evil enough to murder 2997 citizens would have no problem murdering those who were speaking against him."

Sadly I should've known that logic never follows liberals:

Re: Government fooled IDIOT
and indeed that infidel is YOU***!!! you fucking Muslim, American or what ever you are mother f***er. your one of those book smart people who live by the book well i got news for you bitch, if you have no street creditability then you have nothing in life your are worth less and you should indeed commit suicide and take your jack ass off of this word hell i wish you were killed during 9/11 and i wish your mom and dad were burned alive on the top floor, and sent to hell, because they raised a illiterate MORAN! peace of s*** human like you.

Conspiracy or no conspiracy, but i due hope that one day your family gets so fucked by the U.S. Gov. that you will think back at this e-mail and say "man that guy was right", that day is coming, and i'm damn sure gonna look forward to it.
don't bother the reply button, your next reply will be Declined.

Vile hatred for someone that disagrees with them? Check.

Wishing for me to commit suicide? Check.

Wishing for my family to be killed? Check.

This guy is truly, truly nuts.

Maybe that's why he's so obsessed with hair on them?

* I also find this one funny. Me a small constitutional government advocate has been BRAINWASHED by the government. NOPE. I just recognize evil, unlike these moral relativists.

** Of course the only way to respond to the world closing in on your fragile box of logic is to lash out. But THIS particular mental illness with his statement here is important. If you TRULY believed the government at any time could kill you or your family and blame "terriosts(SIC)" WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE? You are either LYING about your belief or you are seriously screwed in the head.

*** Isn't interesting that someone who doesn't even BELIEVE that a bunch of pissed off muslims caused the 9/11 attacks thinks it's such an insult to label me as one?
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