Sunday, November 16, 2008

Operating system shuffle

I have a question... is anyone out there TRULY happy with the operating system they are using? I've used probably 50 different Linux (along with the various window/desktop managers) all versions of Windows and several versions of Mac.

They ALL have something in common.

They all suck.

ALL operating systems have inherent design flaws and problems because they are made from the vision of what the programmer finds acceptable.

This behavior doesn't work for the vast majority of us, and most Windows users just use it because they want their software they've purchased to continue to work. Most Mac users accept the horrible Apple design decisions because they think it makes them cool. (Hipster UI)

Linux users ignore the incessant annoyances of the system and the idiotic idealogy of the developers. (Like Mark Shuttleworth; who doesn't want to include proprietary software that makes the OS work because it's against his religion). And yes, I do think that Linux is a religion for some, far too many of you guys adopt completely anti-market and anti-capitalist view points that contradict the "it's about the competition".

For alot of these guys it's NOT about the competition but about FORCING their opinions onto other developers. Bill Gates is right about the GPL. It's viral and forces you to license your product the same way.

Do any of these new age collectivist view points HELP the end user? The first thing I had to do after installing Ubuntu was install the "restricted" files so that my computer was actually functional. And after clicking that I'm told that I'm installing: "ffmpeg-ugly","Mplayer-bad".

The best Linux versions are ones that forgo "free software", and provide the necessary proprietary solutions to make your hardware and software work.

No the answer to the obvious question. Why not use windows?

1) I got sick of the interface and design decisions there more so than Linux - Kde/Gnome.
2) I got sick of having to spend DAYS reinstalling the operating system when it fragged itself, or when some asshole virus writer fragged it.
3) I got sick of all the copyright bullshit. Yes I believe in copyrights, and developers SHOULD be paid fairly for their products. But just as the GNU-Collective is going off the deep end, SO TOO are alot of these developers who are re-working what fair-use means. Where is the happy middle ground? You know, if Apple approached the market like they had the opportunity to when they took BSD code to build their new OS, they had a chance to fundamentally change the idealogy in the marketplace by still selling a product but allowing the end user to use it the way THEY wanted to.
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